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Be with the Herd - The Nemo Story

 To have a intimate and intrinsic relationship where you are truly listening and feel you are being listened to. That is the foundation of authenticity.

As it turns out a horse is always a horse

A horse is never an autonomous being.....

For this one simple reason.....Survival

In order to perpetuate the species.

A horse is always a horse.

Whether a horse is in a stall, in a show ring, or out in the wild they may have developed different motor skills and memories but their brain and central nervous systems are the same.

Herd Dynamics
The Plains feeders – Heads down

Long Nose- Necessary for surveillance above the grasses of the plains. 

Social Herbivore- Companions added safety, mutual comfort, enhanced detection of food. In harem group, many females, to help perpetuate the species.

Self Preservation- Caution, speed and agility

Equids- Feel insecure when isolated 

The herd is the highest priority - self preservation

No matter how long the horse leaves it's herd, It leaves behind all the things it needs to be in homeostasis (Zero) for good health.

  • Security
  • Companionship
  • Food
  • Water
  • Rest
  • Reproduction

Frederic Pinon- Quietness

YOU have to become part of the horse's herd by offering:

  • Support
  • Consistency
  • Respect
  • Boundaries
  • Being  knowledgeable caretaker

Meaningful - Connected

These examples are important, not to be critical but to show the difference between a meaningful experience and chaos.

Chaos - Unconnected

A little history and my hope for you...

My hope is that Nemo's story will encourage you to explore the language of the horse.
It was a magical moment when I realized he was talking to me and I realized that I understood what he was saying.
I had been looking for a deep connection like I had felt when I was 4 years old. For children, it is automatic, but as an adult it is so difficult to really see, hear and feel "in the moment". We all have so much going on in our lives that to just BE is hard. That's where the joy of horses comes into play.
What if you could somehow KNOW what they were saying and you knew how to respond. Would that feel like a true authentic relationship?

I know it did for me..... 

Oregon Horse Center Trail Challenge 2013

It was November so he already had his winter coat. He and I did not win any ribbons or trophy's that day but we stayed the course and enjoyed the ride. It turned out years later Nemo had been going blind. I didn't realize at the time how important it was to him for me to stay with him and not daydream. Being part of his herd meant the world to him.

Nemos Story

In the herd together

On the same page

Your consistent energy and support will create the right environment for the task to be done to your satisfaction. Communicating that outcome in your mind through your physical actions. Staying physically supportive and engaged with the horse all the way through the task.

If you want a horse to go over any obstacle thoughtfully, collected and in cadence, knowing exactly what you want the task to look like is essential to success.

Below these two are not on the same page - in chaos

More interesting information for you...….


Have you ever watched a flock of birds where there was no one bird leading the flock and yet they moved in harmony with each other. What is really happening is that each bird is following a set of simple rules and they end up together as a organic whole. This is bottom up consciousness. This concept was what Alan Turing used to build the first computer processer for decoding the German Enigma Coding Device during World War II. 

Slime Mold

Emergence (coordinated group activity not led by any one individual) was first observed by a scientist studying slime mold. 

Horses need each other...

There has been a lot written about how horses need to be with other horses. There is evidence based science that shows this is not only true but mandatory for their mental and physical health.

You and your horse.....

Humans and horses are NOT hardwired to be autonomous beings (existing or capable of existing independently) .

All mammals have a Central Nervous System which includes the brain. We all need touch(Oxytocine), social interaction. We needed one another to keep us in homeostasis (a calm state).

Isolation will disrupt overall neurological and psychological development and well being. Shared time with other animals or persons is as important as the air we breathe.

"The Nemo story"