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Diego's Hill

Basic Ethology

When Diego first came to BentWire Ranch he was 6 years old. He had been collected by BLM from the Stinking Water, Oregon area. He had had his own harem (band of mares)  herd.

We gave him "The Hill" and it gave him self confindence and a "use" again.

What's with "The Hill"

Horses that live in  environments that have varied terrain have the capability to self adjust their internal organs, hips, neck, heads, legs etc.

A horse that has nothing to push up against, to relieve mussel strain or just stretch must completely rely on its human to provide that adjustment. Such as a chiropractor or equine message/body worker. And without any of the above they will lean push on anything that is available to them.

Give your horses a chance to make adjustments to themselves. They are good at self adjustment if given a chance.

If you can't provide a tree then a 10" round post in concrete will do.

I became aware of this idea while hanging out at the BLM wild horse pens in Burns, Oregon. I realized Deigo was not the only horse that needed a hill. When I came back I incorporated mounds/hills into our own BWR paddocks.

Horses are living, breathing, and language driven beings. Given the chance, they can offer insight to what they need to be well adjusted.

Give them a chance to tell you what they want/need.