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Lucinda and the Team

Head horse instructor- Attencion (Cion)

Cion has been working here at BentWire Ranch for 15 years. He is the head instructor if you can pass his exams you are on your way.

Sweet Pea - Head instructor for non dominance training

If you can get Sweet Pea to follow your direction you have mastered both patience and communication. She has been an instructor for 5 years.

There are many more instructors here at the BentWire to help you find your rhythm, teach you to breathe, and find confidence in your work with any horse.

Of course we work with you and your horse also.

Promoting myself is not my strong suit but here is some information if you want to know a bit about me

My father Jack thought it would be a good idea if I learned about horses because of generations of our families love of the horse. So I started very young I was 4 years old. He taught me kindness toward the horse and a deeper understanding of good care of any animal.

I spent most of my childhood either on a horse or on this sail boat called, The Sea Quest.

Seems like I was always in motion.

Growing up I spent all my afternoons at Flintridge Riding Academy learning classical hunter jumper and hunt seat. I rode this way from 6 years to 13 years old. This classical training developed the motor skills I still use to this day. 

My education in Early Childhood Education taught me the valuable skill of observation and patience. I am a business entrepreneur, scientist, artist, horsewoman, teacher and mother.

In September 1998 Nemo, a 6 year old Black Arabian, came into my life. He taught me that horses talk. I learned this through an experience a couple of years into our relationship.

Nemo's Story
Dr Martha Killey Worthington(PHD Ethology) was the beginning of my education and got me really thinking about Nemo.

From there I started my education in Neuroscience and Ethology.

Speaking in public was a skill I learned while teaching dentists about the dentures. My husband Chris and I traveled for 10 years to 30 dental tradeshow a year.

The years and years I have put into the study of this subject (horses, not dentistry) I hope to pass on to you. I offer this information is in a simple professional Power Point with the use of stories, examples through photos and simple science. All of which have been designed for the non-science student. And for the science student there is plenty more to talk about.

Questions & Answers are always welcome a the end of the presentation.


Clare and Khemoson

Well worth the time and money I put into Khemo Son. With Lucinda's help and coaching I was able to learn how and when to get back to homeostasis/Zero so we could get back on task. Now instead of demanding he does what I want. I find that supporting him through a situation/task is way better.

Thank you
Clare P. Bozeman, Mo.

John and Fat Boy

I have been Lucinda's Ferrier for 14 years I have found Lucinda's connection with the horse invaluable especially when it comes time to work. I have enjoyed watching her handle and work her herd through the years. She is no push over but I have never seen her get angry.
John C.